Your peonies are stunning!

Shirlie Kemp

Your peonies are amazing!

Sabine Darrall for Blossom and Prosper online @blossomandprosper

Your peonies are complete perfection!

Shane Connolly using my ‘Red Charm’ Peonies at the Royal Academy, London @shaneconnollyandco

Beautiful Peonies! Can’t wait to use them again next year.

Sam, Blackthorn and Bloom

I just wanted to say how beautiful the Peonies were I had from you! And they lasted so well.
Claire, Myrtle Fox and Maude
This year’s were stunning!

Margaret, Hollybrook Flower Farm

They will definitely be at the top of my list Elonor, the best peonies I have ever worked with.
Kay Minter, Photographer
Looking forward to seeing these beautiful blooms again.


Can’t wait to use these beautiful Peonies again.

Jane, Floral Nest

In bloom Studio, Edinburgh

That Coral Peony! I absolutely love this peony.
Karon Yorkshire wedding Florist, Meadows and Mulberry