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Peony Selection

Red Charm​

Red Charm*

Red Charm is the most beautiful deep crimson ‘bomb’ form peony, opening from huge guard petals into very large opulent blooms. It is undoubtedly the most popular red peony and has an excellent vase life. Red charm has very sturdy stems with a length of up to 70 cms and light green foliage. This is our earliest flowering peony available from early May.

Coral Charm

Coral Charm*

Coral Charm is increasingly becoming a florist’s favourite due to its very long stem length (up to 80cms) and eye catching orange/pink buds which open into fabulous semi double blooms with a beautiful ring of golden stamens within. This peony has an excellent vase life and has the added bonus of fading into a soft apricot as it ages. Simply stunning! An early variety blooming from mid May.

The Princess Bride​

The Princess Bride*

The Princess Bride is the quintessential bridal peony with its gorgeous pure white bomb form. Excellent in bud and bloom with rich green foliage. Stem length 60-70cms from mid May.

Peterje Vriend Wagenaar

Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar*

Peterje Vriend Wagenaar is one of the most interesting pink forms available today. The buds are streaked with red and when the rich pink blooms open they have a wonderful speckled pattern. Available as a multi stemmed variety and as a single bloom form. Lush dark green foliage and mid length stems (50-60cms). A late season variety blooming in June.



Kansas has the most striking fuchsia pink flowers and the added bonus of being a reliable multi-stemmed variety giving fabulous impact with a single stem. Very good vase life and a medium length stem of 50-60cms and dark green foliage. Available thorough late May and early June.

Bridal Gown

Bridal Gown is a wonderful bomb form white peony with a tinge of cream in the inner petals. A good stem length 60-70cms and rich green foliage make this an excellent cut flower. A mid-season variety available from May.
Catharina Fontijn​

Catharina Fontijn

Catharina Fontijn is a beautiful baby pink ruffled double peony with large flower heads and mid green foliage. Within the white and pink mix of petals, yellow stamens can be seen, an exquisite peony. Good stem length of 60-70cms and excellent vase life. A mid-season bloom available from mid May.

*Denotes large order option on these varieties. 

Please be aware that all orders will be subject to a minimum of 50 stems. 

Pricing and delivery options will be available in early spring 2021. 

Other exciting varieties are currently being trailed on the farm with new peonies coming online soon.